Established in 1999 Ufudu Fly fishing is a fly fishing company which is passionate about the development and promotion of fly fishing both locally and internationally
Based at the Home of Ufudu in Kloof, KZN South Africa, we offer a range of services and facilities that include:
• A fly fishing academy (emphasis on casting instruction)
• Practical saltwater fly fishing workshops
• Hosted trips to local and international saltwater and freshwater destinations.
• A quaint shop that stocks well respected brands of all essential fly fishing gear.
• A fly tying factory
• Honest advice based on 25 years of hard earned experience at the coalface.

Our flyfishing ethic:
We fish hard, we do not tease for fish, we prefer to fish from terra firma, we practice sound catch and release methods and actively promote the conservation of our environment.

PROFILE OF BEN PRETORIUS: (owner, host and fly casting instructor)

Ben started fly fishing 25 years ago. He learnt to fly cast by reading books, getting advice from friends, attending casting lessons from the late Jack Blackman and hours and hours of practice.

He started off fishing in the salt water but has also fished fresh water throughout southern Africa and Europe. Since 1999 Ben has professionally fished and hosted fly anglers at venues along the southern African coast, the Maldives and the Seychelles.

He has written numerous articles for flyfishing magazines and books, has been a guest speaker for various flyfishing associations and conducted fly casting and fly tying demonstrations. He is actively involved in several conservation initiatives and is an ardent promoter of community based eco-tourism.

Ben’s fly fishing passion began with targeting fish, especially Giant kingfish, in the rock and surf zone off the east coast of Africa. It was with this pursuit, where power and distance casting are prerequisites for success that led him to study and master the techniques and teaching methods of the great casters such as Lefty Kreh, Steve Rajeffe, Jason Borger, George Roberts Jnr, Mel Kreiger and Joan Wulff.

During the years he spent fishing with guests it became very apparent that the lack of good fly casting skills is the single greatest obstacle to catching fish, especially in the harsh saltwater environment. The result is that many would-be flyanglers have turned their back on the sport out of frustration.
In a bid to reverse this trend Ben established a flyfishing academy at the home of Ufudu in Kloof, near Durban in South Africa and a practical saltwater fly fishing workshop at Rocktail Bay on the east coast of South Africa.
For more details on the academy, please visit the Flyfishing Academy (NB put a link here)

Whilst fly fishing at Kosi Bay on the north coast of South Africa he became obsessed with the challenge of landing the metre plus (20kg) GTs that patrolled the surf of that reef strewn and rugged coastline.
His first success came in the form of a 104 cm fish. He subsequently refined the tackle and pioneered tactics to land these big fish from this hostile coastline on fly
He has also innovated the production of several practical fly fishing devices such as, a waist bag, a personal floatation device, a fly line spooler a GT fly line for local conditions, a spare rod clip, reel dust covers, and a heat -shrink rod grip all of which are available in the Ufudu shop and selected retail shops in South Africa.
An avid conservationist, a strict catch and release practitioner who is dogmatic about fishing from terra firma and, where possible, casting to sighted fish.

PROFILE OF ZETHU MFEKA: (our resident fly tyer)

Zethu grew up in rural kwa Zulu Natal. After completing Grade 9, her family could not afford to send her back to school and she had no alternative but to seek employment. In 2002 she was employed as a trainee fly tyer at a company called Zingeli Flies and Feathers and soon became a very proficient at tying a wide range of trout and saltwater flies.

By 2006 Zingeli Flies had reduced the size of its operation considerably with the result that Zethu was the only flytyer employed by the company. In 2007 Zingeli Flies and Feathers was sold the Ufudu Flyfishing and Zethu together with her two-year-old daughter Busi, moved to Kloof.
Being as skilled as she is Zethu quickly mastered the new techniques and patterns that now comprise the Ufudu range of flies.

Zethu has visited Ushaka Aquarium in Durban to observe and study the movements of baitfish that some of her flies imitate. Furthermore, prior to finalising any fly pattern the prototype is tested in the swimming pool to make sure that it swims and behaves in the desired manner before it passes the quality test.