Fly Fishing – 2020 December




I trust you and your family are healthy as the Covid 19 infections spike in many countries around the world?

It is due to this fact and the ever changing protocols that have made international travel a minefield of uncertainty that I have decided to cancel the 2021 trips to the Northern atolls of the Maldives.

On the positive side I have been successful in securing five and possibly six trip dates for the 2022 season.  Please see below for more details for what will be some of the most sought after and cost effective trips for 2022.




Egerton 2020: Yellowfish season on the Orange River

I have recently retuned form the Egerton having spent a month hosting guests on this amazing stretch of the mighty Orange River.  The 3000ha game farm was recently sold and the new owners have some ambitious plans for the venue and it is not certain what their future fly fishing plans are.

First time guests, Nick van der Hoven, Rob Scott and Laurence Sachs adjusted very well to new fishing techniques and caught several very good size smallmouth yellows during their stay.

Kevin Olive and Brandon Hyde were successful with large/- and smallmouth yellows and showed that past visits to this venue certainly stood them in good stead.

John Booth is still talking about that fish that took him into his backing but never to see the light of day, whilst Adriaan Verhagen was very happy with his tally of smallmouths.  Deon Botes landed his personal best smallmouth and enjoyed his conversion of casting single flies to fish as oppose to his favoured check nymphing method.

Rain and hail muddied the water for two days of the last trip.  On the non-fishing days Andrew and Denise Dean, Richard Lamble, Jim Finney and Mark Meyer enjoyed very interesting guided trips to ancient San rock engravings sights.

Very new to fly fishing, Jim Finney, was over the moon with excitement when he landed his first ever smallmouth.  Richard also managed his personal best smallmouth whilst Andrew, and Mark landed a few smallmouths during the curtailed fishing outings.

As stated above, our future relationship with this venue is uncertain but I will keep you updated of any developments there.





Rocktail Bay/Research Camp:  Saltwater Fly fishing Workshops.

Our 2021 workshop dates at this ideal and exclusive new venue coincide with ideal seasonal and tidal conditions for those intrepid fly anglers who wish to target GTs or a variety of kingfish species in our challenging surf conditions.

These intensive four-night workshops are also designed for those anglers who are new to the salt or anglers wanting to improve their catch rates in the surf zone.

If you are interested please contact me ASAP as we currently only have space for two rods on the January 27 – 31 workshop.

The trip details are as follows:

27 – 31 JANUARY 2021                       2 RODS OPEN             R11300PP SHARING

26 FEBRUARY – 2 MARCH 2021          FULL                            R11300PP SHARING


The costs include:

  • Four nights full board at the exclusive Research Camp
  • All hosted fly fishing and tutorials by myself
  • All 4×4 transport to the fishing venues
  • A complementary pack of proven flies

The costs exclude:

  • Transport to Research Camp
  • Park fees (if any)
  • Bar
  • Gratuities



Maldives – Northern Atolls 2022

I firmly believe the world will only start returning to a new normal in the latter part of 2021 and have accordingly set 5 and possibly 6 dates for the 2022 season to the northern atolls of the Maldives.

The trips are 10 night in duration and have been carefully planned that they all coincide with ideal tides, moon phase and season.  Guests will be fishing selected flats and surf zones hotspots with the emphasis on targeting big GTs (flats and surf), triggers, bluefin, yellowspot trevally and bones.

  • The trips are all aboard the very comfortable safari dhoni Gahaa, a boat and crew that I have used for 10 years.
  • The boat can accommodate a maximum of 6 guests in 4 cabins (4 guests sharing 2 cabins and the single supplement option for 2 guests).
  • All the trips will be aboard the boat Gahaa, which I have used for 10 years. The crew that

Trip details are as follows:


14 – 23 JANUARY 2022           10 NIGHTS (MAX 4 GUESTS)               POSSIBLY 2 OPEN



29 JANUARY – 7 FEBRUARY    10 NIGHTS (MAX 6 GUESTS)               FULL



13– 22 FEBRUARY 2022          10 NIGHTS (MAX 6 GUESTS)               FULL



27 FEB. – 8 MARCH 2022        10 NIGHTS (MAX 4 GUESTS)   FULL



15 – 24 MARCH 2022              10 NIGHTS (MAX 6 GUESTS)               5 RODS OPEN.




For a trip with the maximum of 6 guests
Sharing rate:                           $4200pp -available for a maximum of 4 guest per trip

Single supplementary rate:    $4600pp – available for a maximum of 2 guests


For a trip with the maximum of 4 guests

4 guests at the single supplementary rate of $4900pp


The cost per person on the boat Gahaa is for 10 night’s full board accommodation.

All trip costs exclude international flights, bar and gratuities

  • All trips will be hosted by myself
  • To see our new promo video about our trips to the northern atolls of the
    Maldives, please follow this link.

Please note the following:

In conjunction with our suppliers and service providers, we are marketing all the trips advertised in this newsletter on the clear undertaking and the full guarantee that if any said trip is cancelled due to Covid 19 related restrictions  all monies paid by clients to Ufudu Fly Fishing for the cancelled trip, will be refunded in full.



For more information regarding the above trips, please do not hesitate to contact me.


LAST WORD: This is wishing you and your family a happy festive season and a very healthy 2021.




Best regards