Fly Fishing – 2021 February



Ufudu fly fishing has been in operation since January 1999 and during this time I must have received thousands of emails from guests.   However, I recently received one that I felt I would like to share with you as the very best example I have encountered of the fly angler’s perfect wife/partner.  Below is the letter verbatim with changes made only to the names and dates.  Please feel free to share this your wife/partner.


“My name is Betty Smith, I’m Tom Smith’s wife.

Tom is going to email you today to let you know he can’t afford the workshop next year Oct – Nov 2021 because we have had everything go wrong and break so he has no money to go on the camp but I have some savings and would like to please book him a spot on the camp.

Of course, this is a secret and I will surprise him on Christmas Day.


So kindly book and save a spot for him and I will pay a deposit and settle. 


Kindly send me the invoice to this email address. 


Thank you so much, he speaks so highly of you and I would hate for him to miss this opportunity to learn from you.


My warmest wishes,

Betty Smith”




On a far more serious note, 2021 started with the good news that COVID-19 efficient vaccines have been developed and are being administered to people in most countries.

The new reality is that you will only be able to safely travel internationally once you can prove that you have been vaccinated with an approved vaccine.  So, should you intend joining us on any of our 2022 trips to the Maldives, you will need to make certain that you are vaccinated accordingly.






This was our first workshop based at the Research Camp (now called Little Gugs) and the Camp proved very suitable to our needs in terms of our itinerary and quick access to our fishing spots.

The weather played its part in that we had strong SW winds, resulting in big surf and strong rip currents, all providing the ideal conditions for kingfish species to chase down hapless baitfish.

Rocktail Bay itself was however relatively quiet with no sign of chases or big GTs.  Guests learnt how to read the water and identify pour points at the various stages of the tidal drop and push, in the process landing small kingfish and wave Garrick.

Very early morning sessions at Lala Nek proved to be the most rewarding.  Brad Stephens and Brendon Lubbe landed and lost brassie and bluefin kingfish, just after first light.  While fishing his 12 wt. another morning, Brendon lost a very big GT that made short work of his terminal tackle and the experience was enough to have him champing at the bit to get back and join another one of these workshops.  In fact, all participants on this workshop expressed how much they had learnt and how the experience will stand them in good stead for the future.






Dates:                                                26 Feb – 2 March 2021                 Full


Dates:                                                27 – 31 March 2021                      4 rods open


Cost:                                                  R11 300pp sharing


Costs include:

  • Four nights full board at the exclusive Research Camp
  • All hosted fly fishing and tutorials by myself
  • All 4×4 transport to the fishing venues
  • A complementary pack of proven flies

Costs exclude:

  • Transport to Research Camp
  • Park fees (if any)
  • Bar
  • Gratuities





The response to our five 10-night trips to these very productive atolls has been very encouraging and I currently only have a total of six rods open.

As stated above I am very confident that, if vaccinated prior to the departure dates, these trips will definitely go ahead.  To allay any other doubts related to the pandemic, I have also negotiated a very reasonable cancellation policy with all our suppliers.

Should you require any further information regarding these trips, please contact me as soon as possible.



Dates 14 – 23 January 2022        10 nights (max 4 guests)              FULL


 TRIP 2:

Dates 29 Jan – 7 Feb 2022          10 nights (max 6 guests)              2 RODS OPEN



13– 22 February 2022                  10 nights (max 6 guests)              FULL



27 Feb – 8 March 2022                 10 nights (max 4 guests)              FULL



15 – 24 March 2022                      10 nights (max 6 guests)              4 RODS OPEN




For a trip with the maximum of 6 guests
Sharing rate:                                    $4200pp available for a maximum of 4 guests

Single supplementary rate:         $4600pp available for a maximum of 2 guests


For a trip with the maximum of 4 guests

4 guests at the single supplementary rate of $4900pp


The cost per person on the boat Gahaa is for 10 nights full board accommodation.

All trip costs exclude international flights, bar and gratuities

  • All trips will be hosted by myself

To see our latest promo videos about our trips to the northern atolls of the
Maldives please visit our web site, and click on videos.


LAST WORD: Practice and get good at tying all your own knots and never allow anyone else to tie them for you!


Stay healthy and best regards,