Fly Fishing – 2020 August




I trust and hope that you and your family are well and safe in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic of which the disastrous long-term economic consequences are still to be seen.


The travel and leisure industry has been particularly hard hit by the travel and health protocols and many airlines and business have had to close as a result.  The lived experiences are that as economies are opening up, the infection rates increase with the result that restrictions are put back in place.  Consequently, it is very difficult to plan for any future trips as these may have to be cancelled at any point as new travel restrictions, local or international, can be imposed at any time.  For example, you may want to book a trip in late 2020 or even in early 2021 but will be reluctant to do as the trip may be cancelled at short notice due to Covid related restrictions being re-introduce resulting in losing your deposit, or worse your final payment.


The result has been that very few people are willing to commit to trips until there is absolute certainty that they can travel and that they will be safe.  We at Ufudu Fly Fishing are also faced with this quandary as is relates to our planned trips for the rest of 2020 and for 2021 where many potential guests are not happy to pay deposits to secure their place on a trip


In an effort to address this impasse, we at Ufudu Fly Fishing have been able to make a plan.  In conjunction with our suppliers and service providers, we are marketing all the trips advertised in this newsletter on the clear undertaking and guarantee that if any said trip is cancelled due to Covid 19 related restrictions (irrespective of the date relative to the start of the trip) all monies paid by clients to Ufudu Fly Fishing for the cancelled trip, will be refunded in full.




Maldives: Northern Atolls 2020

Having got that off my chest and having been under lockdown since March 27 this year, here follows a brief look at our excellent trips early in the year.  We are delighted that we continue to find new and more productive locations up north that are producing some very exciting catches.  In turn, this is being reflected in our increased number of repeat bookings.  Thank you all.


This season we saw some of the biggest GTs ever, being landed and lost in the surf zone.  The trips rate up there as some of the most exciting yet challenging fly fishing to be had anywhere on the planet.  On the flats, we landed several smaller GTs on 9wt rods, putting these lighter rigs to the ultimate test whilst triggers, bluefin and numerous other species presented guests with many opportunities.


Special mention must be made of the 105cm GT landed by Graeme Vincent, Clive Hendry’s GT in the surf, Brad Stephens’s first ever GT and the exciting trigger fishing experienced by Bob van Schelt and John Shaw.

Our two 2020 videos will give you a very good idea of the very exciting action we experienced and that can be expected of future trips.  Click on the links below, please like and share these with your fly fishing mates.


Maldives 2020 Site Fishing Action :

Maldives 2020 Promo





25 JAN – 5 FEBRUARY 12 NIGHTS      BOAT: GAHAA    COST: $4600 pp       3 ROD OPEN

9 – 15 FEBRUARY        7 NIGHTS        BOAT: GAHAA    COST: $4000 pp       4 RODS OPEN

10 – 21 MARCH           12 NIGHTS       BOAT: GAHAA    COST: $4600 pp       4 RODS OPEN


Please note the following:

  • The cost per person on the boat Gahaa is for full board, shared accommodation.
  • The cost for the 9-15 February 2021 trip includes domestic flights
  • All trip costs exclude international flights, bar and gratuities
  • All trips will be hosted by myself
  • To see our new promo video about our trips to the northern atolls of the
    Maldives, please follow this link.



20 – 25 OCTOBER                               5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       FULL

27 OCTOBER – 1 NOVEMBER              5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       FULL

3 – 8 NOVEMBER                                5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       FULL

10 – 15 NOVEMBER                            5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       2 RODS OPEN

17 – 22 NOVEMBER                            5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       FULL

24 – 29 NOVEMBER                            5 NIGHTS        COST: R10 000.00       4 RODS OPEN


Please note the following:

  • Cost per angler is R10 000 single accommodation, non-anglers R7500 pp, sharing
  • The costs include full board, hosted fly fishing and transport to fishing locations
  • The costs exclude transport to Egerton River Camp, bar and gratuities
  • For more information and videos on all our trips, please visit our web site:


For more information and videos on all our trips, please visit our web site:


Covid 19 special discounts on these fly rods – don’t miss out.

  1. Greys XF2 9ft 9wt rod (ideal for the surf) was R3600, now R2900
  2. Stealth Infinity 9ft 8wt rod (ideal for tiger, largies & for estuaries) was R3000, now 2360
  3. Stealth Infinity 8ft, 2wt rod (ideal for small streams) was R2500, now R1970

Mask up, sanitise and social distance in order to protect yourself and others from spreading Covid19 infections.

Best regards
Ben Pretorius