Fly Fishing – 2015 October


Spring is finally here and with it, our very welcome September rains.  This has somewhat relieved my depressed state of mind which was brought on by our plummeting Rand and our inept politicians.  And we have not even begun to put into perspective our Springbok’s loss to the now mighty, Japanese minnows.


I have appointed a design architect to assist with design and layout of our shop.  When complete and stocked with a select range of reliable brands I intend to host an open day that will include casting, knot and fly tying demonstrations.


The Rocktail Bay saltwater workshop in October as well as the Orange River yellowfish trip are both fully booked and I shall report back on these trips in my next newsletter.

Maldives 2016 – Northern atolls

In February and March 2016 I have four trips going to an amazing atoll in the North of the Maldives.

We will be fishing two very large pristine islands that have acres of flats, numerous deep channels and kilometres of crystal clear surf zone.

On recent trips to these islands  I have discovered a venue that I am convinced will produce not only some of the biggest GTs ever caught on fly but is home to other very sought after species such as triggers, bonefish and permit.

During the trips to these Islands I spent time observing and studying the habits and numbers of GTs and Bluefin seen cruising the crystal clear waters of the coastline and the flats.

Each day without fail I would see between 20 and 30 GTs including some monsters upwards of 1.5m in length.  There were many occasions when GTs and really big Bluefin would come looking for baitfish in water that was no deeper than 0.5m, just  two to three rod lengths away.  And then onto the flats with the early push of the tide would come the triggerfish, followed by bonefish, permit and milkfish later in the tide.

Past experience in the Maldives on the smaller islands we would see fish one day and they would be gone the next but on these islands I saw an abundance of fish each and every day.  In addition, the islands are so vast that one could spend a month there and not fish the same area twice.  To top it all there are several other factors that make this a destination that any fanatical saltwater fly angler should consider:

  • Only sight casting to fish in the surf zone and on the flats
  • Kilometres of flats and surf zone available to fish and no chance of feeling crowded
  • Trips planned to coincide with the most ideal season with clear sunny days virtually guaranteed for the duration of the trip
  • Light winds that prevail during this time of the year are ideal for right handed anglers
  • Exploring areas that have probably not been fished before and certainly not with a fly.
  • Little time wasted travelling due to an efficient travel Itinerary which maximises time on the water.

Due to the excellent reports on this area by recent guests, three trips are full and just five rods available on the trip of 6- 12 March 2016 at a cost of $3400pp sharing. 

This includes the following:

  • Domestic airfares
  • Seven nights full board accommodation aboard a very comfortable safari dhoni (traditional Maldivian boat)
  • Six full days hosted fishing
  • All ground transfers
  • Maldivian green tax

The price excludes the following:

  • International airfares
  • Travel insurance
  • Bar
  • Gratuities

With our current Rand/US Dollar exchange rate being what it is I can confidently say that this must rate as one of the best value-for-money options to an exotic overseas destination and would encourage all, who can afford the time and money, to seriously consider this trip.

Fresh water casting lessons:

As a result of my recent introduction to the Italian style of casting in Italy and many hours of research and practice, I am now offering casting instruction for the following fresh water casts:

  • Overhead and angular casts  with very tight loops
  • Roll cast- static and dynamic
  • Curve cast
  • Pile cast
  • Tuck cast
  • Reverse cast
  • Various reach casts.

To make reservations for these or any of the saltwater casting lessons, please call or mail me to arrange a time and date.

Last cast:  Before heading off on a fishing trip make sure all your gear is in good working condition and practice your casting, presentation and stripping skills.  Tight loops.

Best regards

Ben Pretorius.