Ufudu Flyfishing Safaris offers the option of hosted fly fishing trips as well as a variety of unhosted trips to destinations that may or may not include fly fishing, depending upon client requirements.

Every year Ufudu Flyfishing Safaris invites guests to join us on hosted flyfishing trips to exciting flyfishing destinations in southern Africa and the Maldives.
All the trips are planned, taking great care that they coincide with the best flyfishing seasons and/or tides. To ensure guest safety, comfort and personal attention, the number of anglers on each trip is limited to six.

Your host, Ben Pretorius is an accomplished fly angler who is familiar with the fishing destination and in on hand to offer advice on where and when to fish, fly choice, what tactics and strategies to apply and assistance with knots and the construction of leaders.  Ben will fish with guests on a rotational basis, pointing out fish and offering advice on aspects such as casting and stripping techniques.  He will also ensure and enforce clearly defined safety measures and precautions at all times.

In the recent past a number of clients, have approached us for advice and assistance in planning trips to destinations with which we are familiar.  We have been able to provide detailed trip information and have secured very good rates for these clients.  As a result, we now offer several trip options to the Maldives, Mexico and Rocktail Bay in South Africa that include all forms of fishing, game viewing and adventure travel.

The Maldives comprise 26 atolls and are spread in a north to south direction over a distance of 868 km between latitude 7 degrees 6′ 30” north and 0 degrees 42′ 30” south and offers exciting flyfishing possibilities from flats to surf to blue water. The atolls are large and unique in that there are, atolls within atolls and lagoons within lagoons, and it is this unusual geography that produces some of the most picture-perfect scenery one could imagine.
Vast, brilliant white sand and coral flats stretch for as far as the eye can see and are bisected by deep, blue channels and cuttings that provide direct access to the open ocean and deep lagoons.
In 2008, we conducted our first exploratory trips to these waters to asses the fly fishing potential. We have subsequently conducted more than 40 fly fishing trips to various atolls and Islands of the Maldives and have been very impressed with the quality and abundance of the fish stocks. We are constantly discovering new and better localities, catching more and bigger fish only to realise that we have only just begun to uncover what this amazing country has to offer.
The main species to target on the flats are triggerfish, snapper, giant trevally, bluefin-, and yellowspot trevally with the occasional barracuda, bonefish and permit.
The surf zone produces a multitude of snapper and rock cod species, green job fish, giant trevally and an abundance of bluefin trevally. Giant trevally up to 100 pounds are often seen and a number 70 pound fish have been landed. (Please visit our photo gallery)

Currently the only feasible way to fish the numerous uninhabited islands of Maldives is by way of a live-aboard charter. In the Maldives, as opposed to other Indian Ocean atolls, there are no lengthy open ocean crossings or rough outside anchorages. Most of the sailing is done within the calm waters of the expansive lagoons.
Hosted trips of seven to ten days for a maximum of seven anglers are planned to co-inside with the best tides and season. Fishing time is maximised by the detailed planning of tidal flows and travel between fishing areas.

We offer guests the choice of a Couples trip, on a luxury motor boat, or trips for the more serious fly angler on a traditional but very comfortable safari dhoni.

Couple’s Trips to the Maldives

It is not often that fly fishermen can follow their passion in the company of their partners while exploring some of the most beautiful islands in the world on a luxury cruise vessel.  Well, this is exactly what Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris has done for several years.  The rave reviews received from guests left us in no doubt that the entire experience is a winner and worth repeating year after year.

For the year 2019 we have one trip aboard the yacht Conte Max that we know will give you really good value for money plus, memories that will last a lifetime!

The Boat  M/Y Conte Max is the perfect synergy between luxury and home-from-home comfort.  A delightful crew is on hand to attend your every need and there is a team of chefs who produce excellent local and international cuisine.  With a high level of design and excellent quality finishes, this 33 meter yacht boasts three sundecks, indoor and outdoor dining areas, gleaming wood furnishings and parquet flooring.

There are eight cabins (four triple with double and single beds and four twin cabins) for a total of fourteen guests (seven couples plus your host, Ben Pretorius).  All cabins have en-suite bathrooms with air-conditioning and skylights.

The lounge is the perfect place to relax in either the comfortable couches or at the bar.  There is also a small boutique, a library, television, music and Internet point.  The Conte Max also has a small health spa with an Ayurveda therapist.

A comfortable Maldivian traditional boat, known as a Dhoni, equipped with diving and sporting gear as well as a canoe and a motorised tender will accompany Conte Max for the duration of your trip. (Photographs attached)

The Fly fishing

All fly fishing is hosted by Ben Pretorius (see profile attached), who has hosted many a memorable a trip to the Maldives during the past 10 years. At all times he will assist/advise anglers in matters relating to safety, tackle, knots, fly choice and fishing techniques and tactics.

Each day’s fly fishing outing is planned to ensure the safety, success and enjoyment of the anglers. Factors such as location, tides, weather, desired species and skill levels will be taken into account.

During the seven day trip the boat will travel to several well researched island destinations that will include expansive flats, sand bars, deep channel drop-offs and surf zone.

On the flats and sand bars, sight fishing to species such as yellow margin/- and titan triggerfish, bluefin/-, yellowspot and giant trevally, will be the order of the day.  On a few occasions bonefish have been encountered on the flats in the south.

For you and the many fly anglers who dream of casting a fly to a GT as it cruises the flats in search of prey, this is your opportunity as you are most likely to encounter one of these powerful predatory fish on one or more of the flats that we will be visiting.

On certain flats, given good light and weather conditions, the quality of the trigger fishing will match that found anywhere on this planet.  Making accurate casts and delicate presentations to sighted triggerfish and enticing these wary fish to eat your fly, is a challenge many a fly angler look forward to.

Fishing the surf zone is more challenging due to wave action and irregular underfoot conditions but it is there that angler’s stand a good chance of landing big bluefin trevally or GTs.

Fishing the drop-offs anglers will be making quick casts of feeding bonito, bluefin trevally, bohar snappers or GTs.

Non- Fishing activities

An array of spectacular destinations will provide opportunities for you to scuba dive and snorkel in crystal clear water with unique and colourful varieties of corals, tropical fish, big game species, Manta rays and turtles.

You will explore several islands, visit a fishing village, and enjoy a romantic dinner on a remote, uninhabited island. Highly qualified and dedicated crew members will host the on-board, adventure and snorkelling activities.

Scuba Diving Guests

On past trips we have had guests whose main focus was to experience the unrivalled scuba diving the Maldives has to offer.  With a little more planning we were able to accommodate them very comfortably without compromising any of the other activities.

Guest can do up to two dives per day with one night dive during the week provided it is compatible with the rest of the group program. Two or three diving/snorkelling guides are always present (instructor / dive masters).


DATES:                        11 – 18 NOVEMBER 2019

AVAILABILITY:          4 Couples

COSTS:                        $2900 per person sharing.

 Rates are inclusive of the following:

  • Accommodation in twin shared cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • Meal Plan Full Board, 3 meals per day & afternoon snack
  • Unlimited drinking water, tea & American coffee & fresh fruit (bananas)
  • Airport transfer by Dhoni
  • Diving Dhoni (Diving boat for divers & for all other activities)
  • 1 Free Scuba Try in the lagoon (from 8 years old) for non- divers; equipment included
  • Snorkelling assisted
  • All fly fishing hosted by Ben Pretorius
  • Trolling fishing during navigation
  • Use of the kayak
  • Excursions, island hopping
  • GST Tax included at 12%
  • Green Tax Usd 6 p.p. p.d
  • Specialized Staff assistance

Rates are NOT inclusive of the following:

. International flights

  • Beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Ayurveda & Wellness treatments
  • Fees for desert & touristic islands when requested.
  • Dinner on the Beach, weather permitting (from Usd 10 to Usd 18 p.p. to be paid on board)
  • Diving & snorkelling courses
  • Rent of diving and snorkelling equipment, to be requested at booking
  • Minimum tips required: Usd 8 p.p./per day
  • GST Tax adjustment


  • Single room 80% supplement on individual rate
  • Payments on board with Visa credit card, 5% overcharge.
  • Extra dives $ 40 (upon request and to be paid on board)
  • The above prices can be subjected to fuel surcharge.
  • Extra/special food requests.


Children: (from 2 to 11 years) sharing the cabin with 2 adults pay only Net $400- scuba diving not included


 2 DIVES a day except where ocean crossing affect the schedule,. First day and last day, before the departure, one dive only


  • To confirm your reservation we require a 50 % non-refundable deposit (read with cancellation policy below)
  • The final payment is due 90 days prior to departure


  • A minimum of 10 pax (5 of which must be fly anglers) are require for the trip to go ahead. Once a minimum of 10 pax have been confirmed the final payment becomes due and non-refundable 90 days prior to departure.
  • Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris has the right to cancel 90 days from the start of the trip if less than 10 pax less (5 of which are fly anglers) are confirmed and will refund all deposits paid to date.
  • A monthly update of confirmed bookings will be sent to clients.

Please Note: It is advisable to take out a trip cancellation policy in conjunction with your travel insurance policy.

PROFILE of BEN PRETORIUS: Owner of Ufudu Fly fishing Safaris, fly fishing host and fly casting instructor

Ben started fly fishing 27 years ago in the salt water but has also fished fresh water throughout southern Africa and Europe.

Since 1999, with the establishment of Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris, he has hosted fly anglers professionally at venues along the southern African coast, Mexico, Mozambique the Maldives and the Seychelles.

He has written numerous articles for fly fishing magazines and books, has been a guest speaker for various fly fishing associations and is a fly casting instructor.  He is actively involved in several conservation and marine research initiatives.

Ben’s fly fishing passion began with targeting fish in the rock and surf zone off the east coast of Africa and specialises in catching big GTs.  In South Africa he pioneers the tactics of catching GTs in excess of 100cm from the rock and surf zone and has landed some of the biggest GTs ever caught on fly in South Africa.

After spending two months fly fishing the remote islands of the Seychelles he conducted the first exploratory trip to the Maldives in 2008.

The Maldives

Since 2008 Ben has hosted more than 30 live- aboard fly fishing trips to the northern and southern atolls of the Maldives hosting a maximum of seven fly anglers on each trip.

During his extensive travels to the north and south atolls, he has discovered many islands, sand banks and surf zones that have produced some of the biggest GTs , triggerfish, barracuda and bluefin trevally ever caught on fly in the Maldives

As a host he assists guests with all tackle and fly related matters, where and when to fish, fly fishing tactics and techniques as well as ensuring their safety.

For more information you can visit the web site: www.ufudu fly fishing

Maldives Fly Fishing trips: For the more serious fly angler.
Each year we offer several of these 7-8 night hosted trips to either the northern or southern atolls of the Maldives.
The trips are all planned to coincide with the best seasons, tides and moon phase and are limited to a maximum of six anglers per trip.

The Boat (photos of boat)

This is traditional and very comfortable safari dhoni that offers shared accommodation and excellent food for a maximum of six anglers. The boat which is ideally suited to these fly fishing trips is accompanied by a tender that transports anglers to the various fishing localities.
Depending on the season trips are planned to uninhabited islands of either the northern atolls or to those of the southern atolls.

Fly fishing trips for 2019 (northern atolls)

We have recently discovered new venues in the north that present guests with totally different, yet very exciting fly fishing opportunities. On a recent trip we visited both these venues and we are confident that future trips to both these venues will provide guest with the near perfect trip.
Consider this prospect…for the first 3 days of the trip you will be sight casting to some of the biggest GTs imaginable in the surf zone.
Here GTs of up to1.5metres (fl) well within casting range are regularly seen in the crystal clear water of the surf zone providing anglers with the exhilarating prospect of hooking and hopefully landing one of the most powerful and dirty fighting fish in the sea. To date fish of 1.3 metres have been hooked (but not landed) and several fish over a metre have been landed.
Then for the remainder of the trip you will be making pin-point casts to wily tailing triggers, bluefin, snappers and GTs whilst wading kilometres of snow white sand flats. Feed –back of trips to the north from several well-travelled guests was unanimous that value-for-money they would be very hard to beat.
It must be said that attributes such as physical fitness, a good sense of balance, good casting skills and the ability to see fish are essential to be successful when fishing the surf zone.



On behalf of Ufudu fly Fishing Safaris I would like to invite you to join me one of our 2020 hosted trips to the northern atolls of Maldives.

I have been hosting fly fishing trips to the Maldives for the past 10 years and in the very recent past I have discovered some of the most productive fly fishing islands this country has to offer.   Islands with kilometres of sand flats and surf zone that are home to some of the biggest GTs I have ever seen, triggers, bluefin and yellowspot trevally, snappers, milkfish and bonefish to a lesser extent.

Fly fishing for GTs

If your main ambition is to target GTs, this is where you want to go as you will encounter GTs in excess of 130 cm fl (100pounds).  Islands where you can sight cast and blind cast to GTs in the surf zone as well as Islands where you can sight cast to them on the flats.

In the past few years several GTs over the 100cm fl have been landed here. (Please see attached photos of a few of the most recent GTs caught from these islands.)

The net result of discovering these new venues is that I am now very confident that I can offer our clients consistent and varied opportunities of casting flies to big GTs and other exciting species in the surf and on the flats at very affordable prices.

 It must however be cautioned that to catch one of these big GTs it requires the following skills and attributes: good casting and stripping skills, the ability to see fish, to be physically fit, to have patience and a good sense of balance.

Other fly fishing species

Other notable species that you will encounter at these islands are the following: Bluefin trevally with fish up to 75cm fl, yellow-spot trevally, yellow margin and titan triggerfish, milkfish, snappers, bonefish and permit to a lesser extent.

Hosting duties and responsibilities

As your host I will advise and assist guests with all matters relating to tackle (gear set up, knots, leaders and fly choice), casting and stripping skills, safety precautions and seeing fish.

The Live- Aboard Accommodation

The live-aboard accommodation is aboard the safari dhoni Hammer Head 2 (see photos attached) which is a traditional but very comfortable boat that offers full board air conditioned single en-suite accommodation to 6 anglers.

The trip dates for our 2020 season coincide with the best season and tides and each trip is limited to six fly anglers.  The dates are as follows:

7 – 13 February 2020       7 nights                                availability           4 rods   

21 – 27 February 2020    7 nights                                availability           2 rods

5 – 16 March 2020           12 nights                                availability           FULL

The cost the 7 night trip is $3850pp single accommodation and $4200pp for 12 nights single accommodation (5 – 16 March)

The cost includes the following:

  • 7 nights full board single accommodation aboard the boat Hammer Head 2
  • 6 days hosted fly fishing
  • Domestic flights
  • All ground transfers

The cost excludes the following:

  • International flights
  • Bar
  • Gratuities
  • Travel and cancellation policy premiums
  • Personal items

Booking policy: 

  • To confirm your reservation we require a 50% non-refundable deposit (read with cancellation policy below)
  • The final payment is due 35 days prior to departure

Cancellation policy:

  • A minimum of 4 pax are require for the trip to go ahead. Once a minimum of 4 pax have been confirmed the final payment becomes due and non-refundable 35 days prior to departure. 
  • Ufudu Fly Fishing Safaris has the right to cancel the trip 90 days from the start of the trip if less than 4 pax less are confirmed and will refund all deposits paid to date.
  • A monthly update of confirmed bookings will be sent to clients who have paid their deposits.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Ufudu Fly Fishing Experience is proud to introduce you to a new and very special fly fishing yellowfish venue on the Orange River. Egerton, a 3000 hectare game farm, you will have nine kilometres of pristine big water river to cast a fly to two of our most fabled freshwater species, the smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish. The farm is situated near Hopetown some 130kms from Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa

THE ORANGE RIVER (also known as Gariep or Senqu River) is the longest river in South Africa. It rises in the Drakensberg mountains in Lesotho, flowing westwards through South Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Orange River is home to South Africa’s best known and favourite sport yellowfish, the Orange-Vaal Smallmouth Yellowfish and the largemouth yellowfish (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis)
THE SMALLMOUTH YELLOWFISH,( Labeobarbus aeneus). is a hardy and adaptable species that is widespread across its natural distribution range. It has the ability to inhabit smaller streams owing to its smaller size. Attaining a mass of around 9 kg it is an opportunistic feeder, eating a variety of food types ranging from plant material to aquatic insects, crabs, shrimps and small fish.
THE LARGEMOUTH YELLOWFISH (Labeobarbus kimberleyensis) occurs in the Orange and Vaal rivers and their larger tributaries. They are slow-growing, long-lived and can grow to well over 20 kgs in weight. As highly predatory specie with adults feeding almost exclusively on fish, it stands to reason that they have become a highly sought after angling specie especially on fly.
On fly fish of 5 kgs are regarded as trophy fish whist a fish of 10 kgs are regarded as exceptional. Their status on the Red Data list is stated as vulnerable and caution must be taken when releasing all fish caught.

THE FLY FISHING SEASON: The dedicated fly fishing season is limited to 30 days per year. The 2018 fly fishing season will commence on 16 October. The season is limited to this period having taken factors such as fishing pressure, weather, water clarity, fish feeding and spawning habits into consideration.

ACCOMMODATION: The lodge is situated on the banks of the river. The communal and guest accommodation all have river views.
The communal area consists of a very spacious and tastefully furnished lounge/ kitchen, a very spacious wooden deck and an open air boma cum braai area.

The guest accommodation consists of five newly constructed cottages that each house two guests in single rooms with a share bathroom.
THE FOOD: The Northern Cape is well known for its open-arm hospitality and farm style protein super charged cuisine and guests can rest assured that they will receive both in ample quantities.

THE FISHING: This is big water river fishing that is varied, accessible and very rewarding. The river is big and at places wild, very reminiscent of the mighty Zambezi (sans the crocs and hippos!!!). Along the nine kilometres of river accessible to guest, this provides anglers with a wide variety of fishing options.

You will fish slow moving water and Island structure for the elusive largemouth yellowfish to nymph fishing powerful cascading rapids to sight fishing dry flies in deep canyon water for the numerous and feisty smallmouth yellowfish. What more can any fly angler ask for?
During a recent five night exploratory trip to Egerton eight anglers landed in excess of 300 small mouth yellows and 16 Largemouth yellow fish. Without exception every one of these anglers has already reserved their place for the 2018 season.

Your typical angling day:
Anglers will be divided into two groups and will fish a new section of the river each day.
6.00 – 7-00 Tea/coffee and fruit and cereals
7- 11.00/12.00 The two groups of anglers will be transported to their respective fishing destinations
12.00-1300 Brunch either at your fishing locality or back at the lodge
14.00- 18.00 each group will be taken to a new fishing locality
20.00- Traditional Northern Cape supper

The Dedicated fly fishing season is limited to 30 days each year and coincides with the best fishing season, water clarity and weather conditions. Each trip of five nights will accommodate a maximum of eight fly anglers. The trip dates for the 2016 season are as follows:


The cost for each five night trip is R10000pp.
The costs include the following: Single sleeping accommodation with shared bathroom
Light Breakfast, brunch and supper, daily transport to fishing locality, access to personal floatation device, meet and greet at Kimberley, hosted fly fishing

The cost excludes the following: Transport to the venue, travel insurance, bar and soft drinks (you are welcome to bring your own- cash bar available), gratuities.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Egerton is a 3000 hectare game farm with a wide variety of game. Whilst being transported to various fishing locations anglers will see buffalo, white rhino, sable and roan antelope, nyala, oryx, springbok, impala to mention but a few game species.
Rock art and stone -age implements have been discovered in several places on the farm and can be viewed by those interested in times gone by. Other activities such as birding, hiking and canoeing (only permitted on certain sections of the river) are also a given at a venue such as this.

RESERVATIONS: All enquiries and reservations are made exclusively through Ufudu Flyfishing Experience. Reservations are confirmed by way of a non-refundable 50% deposit with the balance due 45 days prior to the trip.
FINAL WORD: This is a genuine African fly fishing experience that makes one feel very proud to be a South African and Egerton team respectfully Invite you to be their guests.



The price includes: Seven nights full board aboard a safari dhoni, hosted fly fishing and all ground transfers.

4 – 10  Feb.                  4 rods open
18 – 24 Feb.                 Full
3 – 14 March               Full

The cost of the trips: $3700pp sharing.
Please note: Prices include full board, all hosted fishing, your domestic flights, and all ground transfers. Prices exclude international flights, bar and gratuities.


The Dedicated fly fishing season is limited to 30 days each year and coincides with the best fishing season, water clarity and weather conditions. Each trip of five nights will accommodate a maximum of eight fly anglers. The trip dates for the 2016 season are as follows:

Dates are as follows:

15 – 20 October                            Eight rods open

22 – 27 October                            Full

29 Oct. 0 3 November                 6 rods open

12 – 17 November                        Full

19 – 24 November                       Full

24 – 29 November                      Full

THE COSTS OF A FIVE NIGHT TRIP: The cost for each five night trip is R10000pp.
The costs include the following: Single accommodation with shared bathroom
Light Breakfast, brunch and supper, daily transport to fishing locality, access to personal floatation device, meet and greet at Kimberley, hosted fly fishing
The cost excludes the following: Transport to the venue, travel insurance, bar and soft drinks (you are welcome to bring your own- cash bar available), gratuities.



4-8 April 2019     FULL

Price Details:  R12’800
Fly anglers: This rate includes: Full board shared accommodation, laundry, two daily hosted fly fishing outings, 4 x 4 transport to fishing venues, all fly fishing instruction and demonstrations
Non-fishing partners: This sharing rate include: Full board shared accommodation, laundry and two lodge activities per day such as snorkeling, beach outings, and sundowners at Lake Sibaya, guided forest walks, seasonal turtle tours and community visits.
The camp is fully family friendly, (kids room, baby sitters, kiddies menu, children’s programs etc.) and capable of hosting the smallest of babies.
This rate excludes: bar, park fees, gratuity.

Ufudu Fly Fishing Experience
Tel: (w): 031 7645356
Fax: 031 764 3099
Mob: Ben Pretorius: (+27)828021677