Flies that are well tied, that swim well, that do not wrap and that are tied to patterns that give the angler the utmost confidence, are a very rare commodity. With this perennial dilemma in mind we acquired the skills of a wonderfully talented fly tyer by the name of Zethu Mfeka, previously with Zengeli Flies.

Zethu is accommodated and works in an outhouse on the property where she goes about tying what we and many anglers believe to be the most exceptional and effective flies ever seen on the market. The range of flies is limited primarily to saltwater flies and a selection of Tiger flies. Furthermore the range does not include patterns that are commonly and readily available at most stores.

The flies are tied to the highest quality specifications using only Gamakatsu and Owner hooks. Several of the patterns are also available tied on circle hooks as scientific research and practical experience have proven that circle hooks are the way to go both in terms of minimising damage to the fish and hook-up efficacy. Besides the natural materials used on some of the patterns, many flies are tied on revolutionary new synthetic fibres.

An added special feature of our flies is that they are all pre-swum to ensure the desired swimming action in the water. We have also taken Zethu to the city’s Ushaka Aquarium to study the behaviour and colors of baitfish she imitates when tying. It is then not surprising that we are as excited about our flies as the numerous fish that have devoured them on our coastline, the Seychelles and the Maldives.

They are currently only available from the Ufudu Shop and Basil Manning (in Durban) and Solly’sAnglers Corner Fourways and Mia’s Woodmead (in Johannesburg). Trade inquiries are welcome.

Please note that besides our standard range of flies, that we do amend from time to time, Zethu will tie any to special request orders provided the specified materials are available.

Other than the flies, Zethu also makes flat and domed holographic eyes and well as our uniquely machined dumbbell eyes.

We create and build Ufudu custom fly’s for Salt or Fresh Water and any species

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